ITO Face Wash Tissue 80pcs

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  • Say Goodbye to Microbe - Have you ever encountered the musty, moldy odor of smelly towels? Those odors are caused by microbe! Are you afraid of any dirty stuff hiding in your washcloth? If that's the case, try using ITO disposable face towels!
  • Gentle for Sensitive Skin - Sensitive skin can be easily irritated. Get relief from the germ-filled, cloth hand towels, and promote healthy hygiene care for your sensitive skin with our soft, high-quality clean face towels disposable.
  • No Harsh Ingredients - ITO’s organic and biodegradable facial towel is chemical-free, unscented, and non-irritating, which is made of natural fiber of premium cotton, wood and bamboon. Gentle enough for bottoms, hands, and sensitive faces of kids.
  • Ultra-Soft & Absorbent - Thicken facial tissues with high tensile strength, durable and resistant to tearing. Absorbent enought to lock in moisture, dry your face & hands. Not easily broken after water absorption for a soft and gentle clean. Can be washed 2 to 3 times.
  • Multiple Use - Keep fresh, clean towels handy in your home, gym bag, or while traveling. Ideal for baby care, removing makeup, and unexpected messes on the go. Can be used to dry your face after cleansing, or wet to remove makeup and other impurities.



日本ITO 纯棉洗脸巾 家用擦脸巾 一次性洁面巾大卷加厚干湿两用 80张日本ITO 纯棉洗脸巾 家用擦脸巾 一次性洁面巾大卷加厚干湿两用 80张


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