Kao FLAIR FRAGRANCE Mist Fabric Fragrance Flower & Harmony 270ml

This clothing fragrance smartly removes wrinkles while adding a gorgeous scent. 
Can be used for scenting, removing wrinkles, deodorizing, sterilizing※ and static prevention. 
※This does not necessary sterilize all bacteria. 
Can be used on various clothing such as dresses, uniforms, suits, knitwear, jeans, skirts and hats. 
The action of the fragrance sensor gives of a scent whenever it senses moisture or sweat. It can also be used to care for clothing that you don't wash each time you use. 

With a flower harmony fragrance. 
Contents: 270ml 
Ingredients/Materials: fiber lubricant, sterilizing agent, deodorizing agent, ethanol, fragrance 
Size (cm): 20 x 5.5 x 5.5 
Weight (item only) [G]: 322 
Made in Japan 
Manufacturer Name: Kao 
Handling Precautions: 

Do not use on the following: 
・Fibers susceptible to water such as silk & rayon 
・For leather, fur, synthetic leather, Japanese clothing, items that cannot be washed with water, items with a waterproof finish, beaded & embroidered portions and items you are concerned may bleed or become stained, test in an inconspicuous place first. 
※Remove food stains, bad stains etc., before using. Otherwise, it may cause stain rings. 
○Usage Precautions: 
・Do not use for anything other than its intended purpose. 
・Keep out of reach of children. 
・Take care where you place this so that it isn't accidentally ingested by those with dementia etc. 
・Should this adhere to flooring, electric appliances, furniture etc., wipe off immediately. Otherwise, it may cause staining and slipping. 
・Take care not to inhale or get in your eyes. 
・Do not spray onto clothes while wearing them. 
・When using in an enclosed space, ventilate. 
○Emergency Measures: 
・Should this get in your eyes, immediately rinse well with running water without rubbing. Should any abnormalities remain, consult an eye doctor. 
・Should this be ingested, rinse mouth without vomiting and treat by drinking water etc. 
・Should you feel unwell, discontinue use. 
・Should this adhere to your skin, rinse with water.



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