Lion - Children's mouthwash Grape/Peach/Strawberry

This medicated dental rinse for kids kills problem-causing bacteria in every nook and crevice of the mouth while users sleep, helping prevent cavities, bad breath and gingivitis.

- Children's medicated dental rinse, where the bactericidal ingredient CPC suppresses the development and proliferation of causative bacteria such as mushroom teeth and gingivitis.
- Sterilization component CPC (cetyl pyridinium chloride) sterilizes the causative bacteria and suppresses proliferation for a long time.
- Prevents the development and progression of mushroom teeth, gingivitis.
- Xylitol (natural sweetener) is blended.
- It is a low irritating non alcohol type gentle to children.
- Easy to pour even children.
- A one-touch cap.

How to use:
Open the spout and pour into the cap.
Include it in your mouth, rinse for about 20 seconds, then brush.
Rinse with water after use, the effect will continue.


Lion 狮王 儿童漱口水250ml 葡萄,水蜜桃,草莓





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Brand Lion