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AXXZIA Beauty Eyes essence sheet premium 60 sheets

AXXZIA Beauty Eyes essence sheet premium 60 sheets

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AXXZIA Beauty Eyes essence sheet premium 60 sheets


For eyes does not feel the age, eye seat of the new shape, which collectively can care from all directions the premium care to the upper eyelid, the new shape that you can care together a whole around the eyes Largely related to the particular impression in the eyes “eyelid” is, “the influence of makeup such as eye shadow,” “pressure effect reduction of the moisture retention of the skin caused by such as age,” susceptible to daily damage due to “friction caused by cleansing” parts . However, so far the eye sheet of are those that care under the eye was the general.

So “Akushijia Beauty Eyes Essence seat premium” has adopted a “Ai round seat – 1” of the omni-directional in line with the shape around the eyes. Thin skin, is the seat of the new shape that can cover from the upper eyelid easy to feel a decrease in tension until the triangular zone of the cheek. Very thin sheet of dripping hard to 0.3mm with a high close contact, and stars align To fit even in eyes with fine irregularities.


possible eye around the whole of care in one action. New shape that encloses the entire around the eyes.
Because ultrathin sheet of 0.3 mm, a high adhesion to fine unevenness around the eyes.
per skin gently, high moisture retention and dripping of the difficulty in an attractive cotton linters material (100% downy cotton seeds)
dignified shine, mineral composite component of pins and needles innovation Thin skin repeated trial and error for the delicate eye area, arrived was of a “triple mineral complex ※ 2”. Magnesium is a mineral composite component comprising copper, zinc. Minerals but are essential to the human body, has been considered among them magnesium, copper, zinc is closely related to the skin. By compensate for these three minerals in optimal balance, pull out the original beauty of the skin.

support components that act on complex trouble around the eyes Tighten the skin without needles “Centella asiatica extract”, corresponding to the dry damage caused by friction “hawthorn extract”, leading to a bright and clear eyes moisturizes blended “Eye Bright extract”. Botanical component of commitment, gives fresh moisture and a sense of firmness in the delicate eye area.

Product Use

Take one by one with tweezers, it is brought into close contact about 10 minutes to 15 minutes around the seat of both eyes.
After peeling off the sheet, beauty liquid that remains around the eyes, please let me rub to stretch gently around.

Ingredients / Materials

Water, BG, polymethacrylic acid glyceryl, glycerin, betaine, Eyebright extract, hydrolyzed collagen, beta-glucan, glycyrrhizic acid 2K, acetyl hexapeptide -1, ascorbic acid, hyaluronic acid, zinc gluconate, aspartate Mg, chamomile flower extract, hawthorn extract, Centella asiatica extract, copper gluconate, rosemary leaf extract, carbomer, hydroxide K, EDTA-2Na, perfume, phenoxyethanol.




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