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Cielo Hair Color EX Cream One Push [Multi Colour available]

Cielo Hair Color EX Cream One Push [Multi Colour available]

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Cielo Hair Color EX Cream One Push  

CIELO Cream Hair Color boasts an improved formula that promises a shiny, radiant colour that lasts. Housed within its unique bottle dispenser is a pre-packed colour mixture that dispenses effortlessly at the touch of a button. For immediate colouring, press down and load the non-drip formula onto the Special Comb Brush for an even application that leaves your hair soft, shiny, and smooth.

Key Features:

Hassle-Free Easy & Quick Cream at 1 Press:

  • Tired of complex and time-consuming hair coloring routines? We’ve got you covered. Our innovative one-push application eliminates the need for premixing two creams. Just press the lever, and watch as the colorant and developer dispense simultaneously.

Ideal Gray Hair Coverage:

  • Say goodbye to stubborn gray hair. Our non-drip cream formulation ensures that the color stays exactly where you want it – on your roots and hairline. The included special comb brush allows for precise application even along challenging hairlines and roots.

Natural Shine & Radiant Hair Color:

  • Experience hair that shines from within. Infused with five illuminating and nourishing ingredients, our formula not only colors but also moisturizes and conditions your hair. Unleash the natural shine of your hair for a seamless and smooth color result.

Multiple Applications for Touch-Up:

  • Why waste a drop? The remaining mixture can be stored for your next touch-up, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of your favorite hair color whenever you need it.



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