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Cow Bubble & Aroma Bath Salt (30g) [Scent: Yellow Plumeria garden]

Cow Bubble & Aroma Bath Salt (30g) [Scent: Yellow Plumeria garden]

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Cow Bubble & Aroma Bath Salt (30g)

日本COW牛乳石碱 沐浴物语 美白保湿泡泡入浴剂 30g 鸡蛋花

A bath salt gives you a deluxe bubble bath with pleasant aroma, it also contains skincare ingredients like chamomile roman oil, rosemary extract, hyaluronic acid (HA) and collagen.The hot water color of the milky purple that is particular about the image of the night. With "sleeping aroma" that is great for bath before sleep. 

  • Soft skin ingredients blend in, plenty thickening foam gently wraps the whole body, skin care up to where it cannot reach.
  • Guide you to a luxurious skin that you want to touch unintentionally.
  • Let's have a luxurious time for rewards that gained on the first day.
  • Aroma of dreaming sleeping aroma.

How to use:

  • Make 5cm of hot water in a bathtub (approx. 180 L), put 1 pack (30g) and stir thoroughly.
  • Pour hot water vigorously and lather.
  • Using a shower makes it more fine-grained foam.
  • In the case of a fully automatic water heater, put one package in a bathtub that made a small amount of hot water.
  • whip it for about 2 minutes with hot water of the shower, and then bath it.
  • It does not foam by simply putting it in hot water.
  • After bathing, wash your body well.
  • Pack Size - 30g
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