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CPB radiant multi repair oil - rose 75ml

CPB radiant multi repair oil - rose 75ml

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CPB radiant multi repair oil - rose 75ml

CPB玫瑰精油 75ml

A luxurious beauty oil that improves the smoothness of skin instantly and reduces the appearance of fine lines. Skin looks plumped and more even-textured. Provides an ideal beauty treatment for face and body. Helps counteract signs of environmental stress.

●Formulated as a multipurpose reparative oil that can be used on any area of skin.
●Developed with Original Repair Oil Complex, containing gamma-linolenic acid, to provide moisture to skin and decrease roughness.
●Gives skin an immediate feeling of smoothness.
●Reduces signs of dryness, diminishes the appearance of fine lines, and promotes lustrous smooth skin with a look of inherent firmness.
●Inspires a noticeable plumping of skin and enhanced radiance.
●Decreases the appearance of wrinkles.
●Gives the skin visible brightness and improved barrier function.
●Formulated with Soybean Phospholipid to help skin regain a youthful-looking appearance.*
●Powered by Chai hu technology to help firm the skin’s surface and promote a visibly firmer, more supple complexion*.
●Formulated with an exclusive clé de peau BEAUTÉ ingredient, Cellular IC Normalizer that enhances conditions for optimal functioning of the cellular ion channel system.*
●Developed with state-of the-art skincare technology to deliver a lightweight texture and smooth feeling.
●Formulated as a pampering multipurpose oil that enables a luxurious, blissful beauty treatment experience.
●Improves skin texture and provides perceptible benefits with continued use.
●Features a fresh sophisticated fragrance created from peony and rare orchid that rejuvenates the senses and transforms each application into a time of luxury and relaxation.

●For face
Incorporate this treatment into your nighttime skincare routine.
Use at any time as desired – after cleansing, after applying lotion, or after applying emulsion.
For normal usage, release three drops of oil into your palm using the dropper, and smooth over face gently.
To enjoy the benefits of a relaxing facial massage during your skincare routine, release six drops of oil into your palm using the dropper and perform massage as shown in the illustrations.
●For body
After bathing and before skin is completely dry, smooth oil over body. Release sufficient drops of oil into your palm as desired based on the intended application.
●For hair
After washing hair, gently towel dry hair and apply a desired amount of oil to ends.
Dry hair with hairdryer, avoiding excessive heat.

Country of origin: Japan

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