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Earth wardrobe mould proof repellent remover insect protection 10 pieces

Earth wardrobe mould proof repellent remover insect protection 10 pieces

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Earth wardrobe mould proof repellent remover insect protection 10 pieces - Rose scent

日本EARTH安速 衣柜衣物防霉防虫挂 10枚装 粉色玫瑰花香

Wardrobe camphor ball  mould proof repellent remover insect protection

Product introduction

1.Hang a lot of powerful insect proof!

A simple insect repellent for hanging the closet.

2.Insect prevention, deodorization, yellow scrofula prevention

Protects against garment, deodorization, yellowing prevention, and antifungal ingredients.

3.Long lasting fragrance

The fragrance of the floral soap that washes cleanliness continues.

Product description

* 5 pieces of closet (2500 L), the active ingredient reaches the space of the storage space to protect the clothing firmly.

Total care of clothes trouble.

(1) the insect repellent ingredient that does not stick to the spread and protects important clothes from insects.

(2) odorless odor odor odor in the storage space.

Prevents mold growth and protects the mold from mold.

Yellowing prevention effect

Adsorption of nitrogen oxide (NOx), which is one of the causes of yellowing, prevents yellowing.

What is nitrogen oxide

It is the material that is generated from the oil stove, the gas stove, the water heater, and the exhaust gas of the automobile.

The insect repellent sheet that contains the yellowing prevention ingredient adsorbs nitrogen oxide!

* there is no effect on the yellowing caused by dirt of sweat or sweat.

* there is no effect of removing yellowing.

* the effect varies depending on fabric and material.

Active ingredient

Empenthrin (pyrethroid) (3-methyl-4-isopropylphenol) / spice / green tea extract (deodorizing ingredient) / inorganic adsorbent

Effect and efficacy

Prevention of deodorization, deodorization, mold and yellowing of clothes


Please take out from the transparent plastic container and hang it in closet

Please store this product in a transparent plastic container and store it in early.

<Standard usage>

One piece of clothing(500L)

Five pieces in closet(2500L)

Can be used for gold thread, silver thread, Japanese clothes, lame processing products, buttons (metal, plastic), fur and leather products, but please do not touch this product directly on clothes, etc.

Can be used with any insecticide such as paradichlorobenzene, naphthalene, and Camphor.

<Effective period>

About 1 year after use

The temperature, storage container, use state, etc. the effect and effective period are different.

How to use

Please use this as a standard for 500L according to the size of closet and clothes dance.

Closet 500 L 5 pieces (180 cm wide x 60 cm deep x 230 cm)

1 piece of dance dance 500 L (width: 90 cm wide x 50 cm x height 110 cm)

50000l (about 1.3 tatami) walkin closet


Please don't put it where children can reach it. It is the cause of wrong ingestion.

Please take appropriate ventilation of the room when replacing clothes.

Use and maintain the amount listed in the package. Please use in storage space with airtight.

This product is not eaten. By any chance, please consult your doctor if you eat this product is pyrethroid insecticide.

Please do not use for any other purpose.

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