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ELMIE Ladies Laundry Detergent Foam 200ml

ELMIE Ladies Laundry Detergent Foam 200ml

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ELMIE Ladies Laundry Detergent Foam 200ml

Elmie惠留美 女性内裤洗衣液口红粉底泡沫洗涤清洁剂200ml

Elmie Ladies Laundry Detergent is a foam designed to remove stubborn stains like blood, discharge, foundation and lipstick on clothing made of cotton, linen and synthetics is to be used as a pre treatment of the stubborn stain before washing.

Avoid using on silk as it can cause discolouration, spot test on clothing if fading is an issue as it is a powerful cleaning agent. Always launder the clothing that has been pre treated as soon as possible to not leave it on for long time.

Squeeze the bottle to dispense the foam and apply on the stained areas, where it needs to be pre treated, and wash your clothes as usual. 
This product is hypoallergenic and additive free.

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