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Fujiko Kakitashi Eyebrow Tint [Colour: 03 Gray Brown]

Fujiko Kakitashi Eyebrow Tint [Colour: 03 Gray Brown]

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Fujiko Kakitashi Eyebrow Tint 

FUJIKO 分叉眉毛梳理染眉膏眉笔 防水持久 -03号


  • With the new tint ingredient Erysulose, the color is even more beautiful!
  • In addition, it is gentle on the eyebrows with the beauty ingredients Panthenol, Anagain, 10-fold hyaluronic acid.
  • A pen-type eyebrow tint with four easy-to-write brush tips that is resistant to sweat, water, and sebum, and that not only doesn't disappear but also enables the ideal line and start-up beautiful eyebrows.
  • By writing with 4 brush tips vertically and horizontally, you can freely control thick and thin lines.
  • Furthermore, if you use it like a comb, the falling eyebrows will be lifted up and give a lively impression.
  • With this one, you can make a natural eyebrow like your own eyebrows.


  • How to use:

  • Write to the desired thickness from the center of the eyebrows.
  • For the bottom of the eyebrows, raise the brush and add it thinly and smoothly.
  • Write the inner corner of the eyebrows so that it is slightly inward.


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