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Johnson Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Replacement Brush (12 Pcs, Soap Scent)

Johnson Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Replacement Brush (12 Pcs, Soap Scent)

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Johnson Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Replacement Brush (12 Pcs, Soap Scent)


Product features:

  • If you have a flushable toilet brush, you can flush it and use it cleanly at any time!
  • A disposable replacement brush soaked with detergent ingredients.
  • It can be used up once and can be flushed down the toilet after cleaning, so it's always clean!
  • The brush can be easily attached and detached with one touch. You can clean your hands without getting dirty.
  • Because it is a brush with concentrated detergent, you can easily clean it without using detergent.
  • Use a disposable brush soaked with detergent ingredients on the handle (sold separately).
  • Dirty brushes can be flushed down the toilet with a single touch, so they are clean. Brushes with detergent are made of a material that breaks down like toilet paper, so you can flush them down the toilet.
  • The special non-woven fabric, which uses a material that can be washed well and can be flushed down the toilet, removes dirt more strongly by making the surface uneven.
  • Can also be used for purification layer toilets.
  • Floral soap scent.

* A flushable toilet brush handle (sold separately) is required for use.


How to use:

(1) Cut with scissors along the dotted line. The brush will be easier to remove.

(2) Take out the brush with detergent. Contains 12 brushes.

(3) 6 brushes are in one block. Separate the brushes one by one and use them.

* The brush is a stack of multiple sheets. If the brush is thin, the brush may not fit on the handle or may come off during use.

(4) Attach the brush with detergent to the handle. Push the blue knob on the handle toward the tip to widen the tip of the head at the tip of the handle. Insert the brush and pull the blue knob toward you. At this time, pull the knob until you hear a click to fix the brush firmly.

(5) After use, push the blue knob toward the tip to remove the brush. Throw it in the toilet bowl and throw it away, or dispose of it as burnable garbage.


Brush Material:

Water-soluble non-woven fabric



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