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Kao Liese Blaune Hair Color For Grey Hair (Multi Colour)

Kao Liese Blaune Hair Color For Grey Hair (Multi Colour)

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Kao Liese Blaune Hair Color For Gray Hair  (Multi Colour)


Kao Bubble Hair Colour For Grey Hair is a foam type hair colour that can cover grey hair with a natural formula.

- Easy to use and finish with a smooth and moist texture.
- A natural colour formula that dyes grey and black hair beautifully with a transparent and natural look.
- Contains royal jelly extract (moisturising ingredient), silk essence(Hydrolysed silk liquid, hair protection ingredient), cuticle care ingredient(Soft lanolin fatty acid, hair protection ingredient).
- A prescription that suppresses the pungent odour.
- With an after-colour hair pack.
- 1 box is good for semi-long hair (length from shoulder to armpit).
- One-time use type.

How to use

Add 2 liquids and mix. Do not shake strongly. Make bubbles. Press the centre of the container. Be sure to wear gloves. Apply the foam generously and rub in until it feels sticky and heavy. Cover your whole hair and leave it for 20 minutes, rinse it off and finish with shampoo and the attached hair pack. The color of bubbles and liquids may differ from the actual colour. Be careful not to get bubbles (mixed liquid) or rinse liquid in your eyes.






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