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KAO Washing Machine Tub Foaming Cleaning Powder Sterilization Deodorization Mould 180g

KAO Washing Machine Tub Foaming Cleaning Powder Sterilization Deodorization Mould 180g

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KAO Washing Machine Tub Foaming Cleaning Powder Sterilization Deodorization Mold 180g

花王KAO 洗衣机槽酵素清洁粉 180g

"There are black stains on the washed clothes." "There is some mold inside the washing machine." The cause may be mold or dirt on the back of the washing tub.

The back of the washing tub of a fully automatic washing machine is damp, so mold stains tend to accumulate. Clean the washing machine at least once every two months. The powerful foam spreads to the gaps and back of the sink for cleaning, and easily removes hidden dirt.

Just wash it and soak it in the sink for 2 hours!

Mold removal, disinfection, deodorization


● It is effective to use lukewarm water (about 40 ℃).

● You can also use for cleaning bath

● If dirt remains in the tank after use, rinse it once or twice with the standard course.

● If it is used for the first time or is very dirty, it may not be completely removed by one use and the dirt may continue to appear. In that case, please use the tank highter that you want to wash again.

● Do not put anything you want to wash while using this product. Clothing may be discolored.

● Do not use for any other purpose.

● Keep out of reach of children.

● Be careful where you put it to prevent accidental ingestion by people with dementia.

● Do not use or mix with chlorine-based or reducing-based bleach as it will reduce the effect.

● Do not store in a closed container while dissolved in water. There is a risk of explosion due to increased pressure.

● Do not use in boiling water.

● Wash your hands thoroughly after use.

● Avoid direct sunlight and do not place in high temperature.

●Do not use acid detergent ingredients together with alkaline ingredients. Will not irritate the pungent smell.

●Use a whole bag at a time

● Refreshing fragrance

How to use:

Pour into the washing machine sink and pour warm water (40℃ warm water is better) to high water level. Run for 2-3 minutes , stand still for 2 hours. Turn on the Standard washing mode (washing, rinsing, dehydration) to clean it once. Residual debris in the barrel is normal. The ingredients are harmless to the human body and clothing. It is recommended to use 2 bags for the first time, and 1 bag for regular cleaning. It is recommended to clean it every 2-3 months.


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