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Kao Wide Heater Medium 1000ml [Bleach For Clothing (Oxygen-Based)]

Kao Wide Heater Medium 1000ml [Bleach For Clothing (Oxygen-Based)]

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Kao Wide Heater Medium 1000ml

KAO 花王 衣物漂白剂彩漂洗衣液 1000ml

Oxygen bleach liquid type that is safe for colour and patterns. Breaks down dirt and germs that cannot be removed with detergent.

Cleans and removes dirt and germs that cannot be removed with detergent alone. Make it cleaner by washing it every day!

Put it in the washing machine and wash it with the washing detergent.

A liquid type of oxygen bleach that is safe for colored patterns.

A refreshing floral scent that is not pungent.

  • Product Size (W x D x H): 4.33 x 2.8 x 10.7 inches (110 x 79 x 273 mm)
  • Contents: 1000 ml


Made in Japan


Ingredient: Hydrogen peroxide (oxygen-based), surfactant (polyoxyethylene alkyl ether)


What can be used:

● Washable white, colored, and patterned silk products (cotton, linen, chemical silk, hair, silk) 

● Products with one of the following handling labels



Things that can't be used:

● Items that cannot be washed with water ● Items with one of the following handling signs  Clothing with


metal accessories

(fasteners such as fasteners, buttons, hooks, etc.)

● Items dyed with metal-containing dyes ● Items that discolor ( discolor ) (Refer to )

★ If the fiber itself is altered and yellowed, it cannot be restored even with bleach.


How to try:

Do not use for items that are soaked in the undiluted solution in an inconspicuous area and immediately soaked in detergent solution to discolor in about 5 minutes, or for items that are exposed to a white cloth and the color is transferred.


How to use:

[Washing machine]

Put in a washing machine and wash with a washing detergent .

● (For detergent with one rinse ) Can be used with one rinse

● Stainless steel tank available




Precautions for use:

Please be sure to read the precautions and usage before use.

● Do not use for any other purpose.

● Keep out of reach of children.

● Be careful where you put it to prevent accidental ingestion by people with dementia.

● Do not use in boiling water.

● Do not put water or other things in it or refill it.

● Do not use a closed container when bleaching. May explode.

● Do not use or mix with chlorine-based or reducing bleach as it will reduce the effect.

● Avoid direct sunlight during bleaching as the fibers may turn yellow, and rinse thoroughly after bleaching.

● If it gets on the plastic part such as the lid of the washing machine, wipe it off immediately. It may be damaged if left unattended.

● Avoid direct sunlight and do not place in high temperature.

KAO 花王  衣物漂白剂彩漂洗衣液 1000ml

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