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Kobayashi Nodonool Sore Throat Spray 15ml

Kobayashi Nodonool Sore Throat Spray 15ml

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Kobayashi Nodonool Sore Throat Spray 15ml

KOBAYASHI小林制药 喉咙消炎喷雾 15ML

Throat sterilisation - Bacteria cause inflammation of the throat of the right, the active ingredient of the product sterilisation, anti-inflammatory.

No need to use cotton swabs, using specialty nozzles ensures liquid is sprayed onto the affected area, effectively effective.
Slight cool mint feeling, feeling comfortable after use, effective for sore throats.

Usage and dose:

The nozzle in the direction of the arrow, turn 90 degrees to the side. Do not pull up to the front.
Direction of the arrow to pull the nozzle cap.
When you first use, first empty press several times until the liquid discharge
Every 2 - 3 times as the reference standard, the right amount of liquid sprayed in the affected area. Use inhale may cause liquid into the bronchi or lungs, so the slight exhale, press 2--3 times, ejecting the liquid. After when carrying to prevent liquid leakage, it must be set tight lid, put the nozzle back to the original position, the bottle into the box attached plastic bag.
After using a tight lid cover, the nozzle back to the original position.

<Cautions related to usage and dose>
(1) Aim the nozzle at the affected part of the throat and spray while breathing lightly(If used while breathing in, liquid may enter the bronchi or lungs)
(2) Be especially careful when using it for children, and use it under the supervision of parents.
(3) Be careful not to get this in your eyes. If it gets into your eyes, immediately get water or  Wash with lukewarm water. If symptoms are severe, consult an ophthalmologist.
(4) Use only for throat
(5) If you accidentally swallow a large amount of liquid medicine, seek medical attention immediately.

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