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LION Anti-Mold And Deodorising Spray For Bathroom Unscented

LION Anti-Mold And Deodorising Spray For Bathroom Unscented

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LION Anti-Mould And Deodorising Spray For Bathroom Unscented
 LION狮王LOOK 浴室防霉烟熏剂花香

● Silver Lion smoke eradicates the causative bacteria of black mould everywhere! Prevents mould in the entire bathroom. Black mould that grows even if dropped. The cause is the invisible fungus that causes black mould. Bacteria lurking near the ceiling scatter spores throughout the bathroom, so simply removing the visible mould will cause it to grow again quickly. "Look Bath Anti-fungal Smoke Agent" sterilises the entire bathroom with silver ion smoke and prevents the growth of black mould. 

● The sterilising component "silver ion" spreads throughout the bathroom with the power of smoke, and sterilises the causative bacteria of black mould hidden behind the ceiling and ventilation fan. 

● Since black mould is less likely to grow after use, the number of troublesome cleanings using a mould remover and the burden are reduced. 

● Regular anti-fungal treatment once every 1 to 2 months is recommended. Even if you don't use a mould remover, you can keep it clean with simple daily care. 

● No chlorine used. It does not have a pungent odour peculiar to mould removers (chlorine-based). 

● Floral scent [How to use] · Please clean the mould before use. This product does not have the effect of removing black mould. Use a mould remover to remove any noticeable mould. Close the windows and stop the ventilation system.· Start mould prevention. There is no need to take out small items and toys in the bathroom. It's OK even if the bathroom is wet. (1) Open the container and take out the metal can from the aluminum bag. (2) Pour water up to the line at the bottom of the container and place it in the center of the bathroom. (3) Put the metal can with the arrow mark facing up and put it in the container, and put on the ring-shaped lid. (4) After confirming that smoke is emitted in about 20 to 30 seconds, get out of the bathroom, close the door, and leave it for at least one and a half hours. There is no problem if you leave it for more than the specified time.· Ventilate well after use. No need to rinse with water. ★ Estimated amount of use · Use one per bathroom at a time ★ Unusable items ·Copper, brass, and galvanized iron materials should be covered or taken out of the bathroom so that smoke does not come in contact with them. .. It can also be used in marble bathrooms and unit baths. [Ingredients] Silver zeolite, polyalkylene glycol, fuming agent [Standard outline] Product name: Antifungal agent for bathroom [Caution] -Do not use for anything other than its intended purpose.· Keep out of reach of children.·Be careful not to inhale smoke.· Because the cans in use are hot, do not touch them directly with your hands.· Store away from high temperatures, direct sunlight, and high humidity. [First aid explanation] If you have any abnormalities, bring the product and consult a doctor.

[Country of origin] Japan 



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