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LION Antibacterial Foam Hand Soap 250ml [Scent: White-Citrus Fruity]

LION Antibacterial Foam Hand Soap 250ml [Scent: White-Citrus Fruity]

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LION Antibacterial Foam Hand Soap 250ml

Kirei Kirei, the No.1 Hand Soap in Japan*, means Clean Clean in Japanese.

LION狮王 全植物弱酸性除菌泡沫淡香型洗手液250ml

With Lion Japan’s advanced technology, Kirei Kirei offers a range of high-quality anti-bacterial products 
Rich creamy foam is instantly dispensed and with anti-bacterial ingredient IPMP^, it helps to provide safe and superior all-around anti-bacterial protection for your family yet being gentle to the skin.

^IPMP refers to Isopropyl Methylphenol
*Japan’s No.1 Hand Soap Series INTAGE SRI, Hand Soap Value Sales CY2016

  • No.1 Hand Soap in Japan*
  • The unique anti-bacterial formulation that uses IPMP^ (anti-bacterial ingredient) to help provide safe
    anti-bacterial protection
  • Dispenses soft, creamy foam which cleanses more effectively and thoroughly than ordinary liquid hand soap
  • Gentle on skin with 100% cleansing ingredients from plants
  • Leaves a mild floral fragrance after wash

​Made in Japan

*this is a Japanese product and the label on the item is only written in Japanese


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