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P&G Ariel Clothing Spray Mites Protection 320ml

P&G Ariel Clothing Spray Mites Protection 320ml

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P&G Ariel Clothing Spray Mites Protection 320ml 

This product is specially designed for the removal of mites from cloth materials which does not contain pesticides, effectively removes mites.

1 Deep mites removal.Contains mite repellent ingredients that remove mites attached to fabric products.

2 No need to clean, easy to use. It can remove mites from large or non-removable sofas and other items

3 Recommended for usual cotton and bedding, sneakers, plush toys and towels, etc.

Spray 10 times per square meter and evenly spray every part of the item.

1 is not a detergent and cannot be used on leather or Japanese clothing.

2.spray at a distance of more than 20cm, do not get too close or spray too much at one time. It may cause spots and stains.

3. If you spray this product on the floor or furniture other than cloth, wipe it off immediately.

4. Avoid storing it in direct sunlight or places with large temperature differences (such as on electrical appliances).

Contents: 320ml

P&G  宝洁 ARIEL 日本衣物洁净除蟎虫喷雾 320ml


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