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Pigeon Medicated Lotion - Peach Leaf - 200ml

Pigeon Medicated Lotion - Peach Leaf - 200ml

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Pigeon Medicated Baby Lotion 200ml with Peach Leaf Extract

Moisturizing lotion with peach leaf extract, suitable to use for heat rash and dry skin.


  • Free from paraben, alcohol, coloring agent and fragrance
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Low viscosity lotion, easy to apply and spread
  • Formulated with peach leaf extract and Aloe Arborescens to moisturize skin
  • Suitable for use in all season and for sensitive skin
  • Can be used for babies and adults



Pigeon 贝亲 桃子水 儿童保湿无添加护肤露防痱止痒 200ml






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