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POLA B.A The Mask 60g

POLA B.A The Mask 60g

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POLA  B.A The Mask 60g

First industry in the world. Foam mask that can penetrate into the skin by itself. Consequences are firmer, softer and more supple skin.

A facial mask that seals the skin with a rich, concentrated foam to permeate the ingredients into the skin. Fits around the eyes and mouth. Achieves skin full of elasticity.

B.A Pola, a brand with the belief that life is beautiful and as such there is a deep true inner beauty, is a start of the art anti-ageing care brand. By conducting the highest levels in research of life sciences and undertaking in depth research in bioactivity to bring about their ideal of true beauty in order to provide a new sense of life and beauty to your skin. From skin care that focuses on the inner and base makeup in which any facial expression appears to be beautiful, as well as an inner supplement which is focused and care and the break down of skin composition, for a comprehensive lineup.

How to use

1.   Make sure to shake the canister well (more than 5 times). Bring the other hand close to the dispenser while keeping the canister upright. Dispense a ping-pong ball size amount.
2.    Place the foam on 5 points of the face (forehead, both cheeks, nose and chin) Spread the foam over the entire face evenly avoiding area around eyebrows, eyes and mouth. Then, let it seal the face.
3.   About 3 minutes later, use both hands and cup the face completely to help the foam penetrate into every part of the skin.

Pola BA 赋颜晨光焕肤泡沫面膜 60g

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