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POLA B.A The Tablet 180 Tablets

POLA B.A The Tablet 180 Tablets

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POLA B.A The Tablet 180 Tablets

A beauty supplement from POLA’s top-of-the-line brand “B.A” (Bio Active)Enriched with YAC extract that is contained in the B.A skincare range. Also enriched with Herb Quartet extracted from four types of herbs, collagen peptide and olive fruit extract to build the foundation for beauty.

B.A is dedicated to make life more beautiful. To be strong-willed, having influence over others, yet able to change with flexibility. You have the potential to lead your life like this. This power exists within you. B.A TABLET Suppressing anything that gets in the way of beauty, uplifts the intrinsic beauty from inside. It is not about compensating, but is about drawing out. Your very presence filled with vitality is beautiful. Limitation that once existed is no more. B.A TABLET Draw out the resilience of beauty.

BA Tablet is a series that brings out the beauty of the whole body from the body.
In this research, one of the factors that hinder beauty is newly discovered, while maintaining the features of the previous models.
We suppress the factor and raise original power of beauty.
Including the Paula's original composite component "Ch-A extract", it also incorporates components that support life and beauty from the body.

Nutrition Facts
Energy 1.2kcal
Protein 0.13g
Fat 0.0080g
Carbohydrate 0.15g
Sodium 0.28g

How to Take: Take two tablets daily with water.



Gelatin, collagen peptide, mixed herbal extract (dextrin, dokudami, hawthorn, roman chamomile, grape leaves), reduced maltose syrup, mugwort extract, asparathus linealis extract, olive fruit extract, kaemponashi extract, salmon nasal cartilage extract containing proteoglycan, Walnut seed coat extract / microcrystalline cellulose, iron citrate, coloring (caramel, gardenia), glycerin, calcium stearate, fine silicon dioxide, vitamin E, shellac, carnauba wax, spice extract


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