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UYEKI Daniclin Dust Mite Anti-Bacterial Spray 250ml [Scent: Bacterial sterilisation]

UYEKI Daniclin Dust Mite Anti-Bacterial Spray 250ml [Scent: Bacterial sterilisation]

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UYEKI Daniclin Dust Mite Anti-Bacterial Spray 250ml  

100% Japanese product

 "DaniClin", a dust mite repellant, helps eczema babies and eliminates worries about allergies caused by dust mites and house dusts. This product is safe for babies, adults and pets.

 DaniClin is not a insecticide, but a natural based product using non-toxic ingredients that dust mites hate. With just a few times spraying, DaniClin will make the surface free from dust mites from pillows, beds, etc. where normally dust mites live on and reproduce in huge number and tend to cause itches and even atopic symptoms for babies.  

Dust mites live and multiply inside of a pillow, mattress, carpet, stuffed toys, etc. and come up to the surface to feed on dead skin cells regularly shed from humans and their pets. House dusts consist of also dead dust mites, their wastes, pollens, etc. that remain on the surface and become allergen. Once DaniClin is spayed over, these particles are inactivated and dust mites that hates the ingredients of DaniClin run away from the surface and hide inside then some might starve to death.


DaniClin series are certified and recommended by Japan Atopic Dermatitis Patients Association


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・Just spray it onto a futon, tatami mat, carpet or sofa. The components that mites dislike make it harder for the mites to stick.

・In consideration of safety, there is little irritation to the skin when used in bedding, and there is no problem if the sprayed product touches the mouth.

・Washing items such as sheets will last 2-3 times, and with tatami and carpet, the effect will last about 1 month.

・Finishes with a smooth feel after spraying. (Compared to our conventional product)



Shake the container lightly, lift the lid up and spray about 30 cm apart.

*Approximately 5 to 6 times per square meter.

■Futon: Remove sheets and covers, remove dust and dirt, spray, and dry in the shade.

 After washing the sheets and covers, spray and dry them in the shade.

■Carpet/Tatami: Vacuum, dust, and spray, then let it air dry.

*It will take some time for the carpet and Tatami to dry. Please follow the usage


Please allow enough time for it to dry.




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