Product features:

"Mould Killer" has 3 times faster penetration speed * than general mold removers! Since the speed at which it penetrates after spraying is overwhelmingly fast, it quickly reaches the roots of mold and works well to remove mold stains. Please try it once as the definitive detergent against mould.

* Compared to general mold removers from other companies 2016 Johnson survey

Penetration speed 3 times * Quickly reaches the roots of mold! The definitive anti-mold measure


"Mold killer" is a uniquely formulated strong penetrating ingredient that penetrates deep into the roots of the mold. Removes even the persistent black mold stains on the rubber packing that seems to have accumulated over the years. Let's spray a generous amount toward the joints that have dirt that you care about and cut off the dirt from the beginning.

A strong penetrating ingredient that works on mold roots!


  • The "mold killer" can be used not only for bathroom walls, floors, and tile joints, but also for removing mold on chairs, washbasins, shower hoses, bathtub lids, and bath accessories. I was worried about mold stains, but it is an item that can be conveniently used to remove mold in areas that are difficult to reach on a daily basis. Please try "Mold Killer" which is effective for removing mold in the bath.

Can be used to remove mold anywhere! Effective against mold in the bath


It is strictly forbidden to spray "mold killer" above the line of sight. If you apply the mold killer liquid to the patterned sponge and apply it to the ceiling, you can use it safely without the liquid dripping. Use a patterned sponge to remove mold from the ceiling of the bath! Please remember. This makes it easy and safe to remove mold from hard-to-reach areas.

Use a patterned sponge to remove mold from the ceiling of the bath!



"Pink slime" (a member of mold) that grows quickly if left alone. If the causative bacteria are not sterilized properly, they will start to multiply again soon. Johnson "Kabikiller" is a mold killer that can also sterilize *, so you can clean the persistent "Pink Numeri" cleanly.

* Not all bacteria are sterilized.

Also for the pink slime of the conspicuous bath! Johnson






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