SUNSTAR Ora 2 Whitening Stain Clear Toothpaste 130g

日本ORA2皓乐齿 美白防口臭牙膏 130g 

The Ora2 brand produces a range of stain-clear dental products such as toothpaste and mouthwash containing 'high cleaning silica' and 'stain control agent' that helps to protect against nicotine and other stains (wine, coffee etc). High Cleaning Silica - safely removes the first layer of plague and stains, it also provides a polishing effect to give teeth a whiter appearance.  

Stain Control Agent (Disodium C12-14 Pareth-2 Sulfosuccinate) – unique formula to gently dissolve any remaining stains and prevent stain build-ups.

Peroxide and pyrophosphate free, Ora2 STAIN CLEAR Dental Paste also contains fluoride which creates an additional protection around the teeth enamel, thus reducing risk of acid attack and tooth decay. 

Ingredients: Silica ( cleaning agent), stain control components, PEG,  sodium fluoride, isopropyl methyl phenol



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Brand Sunstar