UYEKI DaniClin Fabric Conditioner Liquid Type 500ml

If you would like to make a whole sheet or cover "Keep Away" effect, then DaniClin Laundry Additive type helps you. Just pour a spoonful of DaniClin Laundry Additive in a washing machine and turn it. Wen washed with DaniClin Laundry additive type, a whole sheet or cover gets coated with the effective ingredients that repels dust mites and effectiveness continues for a month even after 2-3 times wash. Can be used together with other laundy finisher like softeners, etc.


UYEKI 威奇专业除螨虫洗衣液防螨虫洗涤剂  孕婴可用 500ml


SKU 4968909061408
Brand Uyeki
Type laundry, baby