Whitening  beauty essence that leads to skin that looks like it has been polished by each element related to skin color] Approaches the source of spots deep in the skin from various directions, effectively suppresses the overproduction of melanin, and reduces spots and freckles.  
Moisturizes the skin so that melanin can be discharged smoothly and supports the rebirth of the skin.
Smooth and smooth like silk, it blends into the skin moistly and gives firmness while adjusting the texture.

For vibrant skin that glows brightly from within
A beauty essence that leads to polished skin
Approach from various directions to the source of spots deep inside the skin
Delivers moisture to the skin and supports rebirth
A gorgeous deep fragrance

* 4-Methoxysalicylic acid potassium salt, tranexamic acid that suppresses melanin production and prevents freckles
【How to use】
・Prepare your skin with lotion before using it every morning and night.

・ Take one press of the dispenser on the palm of your hand

・ Gently apply to the entire face, focusing on areas of concern.

[Contents] 40mL [Product classification] (Skincare/Essence) [Usage period] About 1.5 months (Guideline for how to use)
[Product size] Width 35mm x Height 135mm x Depth 35mm [Aroma] Gorgeous fragrance with depth
[Precautions for use] ◇ After sunburn, wait until the redness and irritation of the skin subside before using.
◇ At the beginning of use, press the dispenser several times until the contents come out.
◇ After use, wipe the mouth of the container clean and close the overcap properly.
◇If the dispenser does not move smoothly, please purchase a new main unit.
◇Keep out of reach of infants
◇Do not leave in direct sunlight or high temperatures.
◇Beware of fire


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