KOBAYASHI Pharmaceutical Children Dental Floss Holders (30 Holders)


Product features:

  • At about 3 years old, 20 upper and lower deciduous teeth grow. Then, from the age of 5-6, the replacement of permanent teeth begins. Ideally, the replacement of deciduous teeth and permanent teeth should be done as naturally as possible, but if the deciduous teeth are removed early due to tooth decay, the permanent teeth may become misaligned or the way food is chewed may become irrelevant. .. Be careful not to get cavities from the time you have deciduous teeth.
  • Threads that match the size of the deciduous teeth firmly remove dirt between narrow teeth and wide teeth.
  • A small arch head that is easy to use even in a child's mouth.
  • The grip size is easy for adults to hold, so you can carefully clean the space between your child's teeth.


How to use:

(1) Insert the floss while slowly moving it back and forth.

(2) Remove plaque by moving up and down along the side of the tooth.

(3) At the same time, gently massage your teeth.

(4) Use a pick to remove plaque and food residue that is difficult to remove on the back of your teeth.

* For hygiene and functionality, we recommend using it once per product.


Handle material: 

Polystyrene, Thread material: Nylon, Heat-resistant temperature: 80 degrees



  • Do not force floss or pick between teeth as it may damage the teeth.
  • If the thread gets caught in the tooth or is easily broken, the tooth filling may be removed or there is a risk of tooth decay, so consult a dentist.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Since this product is an inter-tooth cleaning tool, do not use it for any purpose other than cleaning between teeth.
  • If you feel any pain or abnormality during use, discontinue use, and consult a dentist.



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