Masiti Children's Mouthguard Sugar Free Lollipops 10 Count

5 strawberry flavor 5 orange flavor MASITI KIDS love tooth licking candy 10 pieces.

MASITI KIDS love tooth licking candy 10 pieces reduced palatinose phosphorylated oligosaccharide calcium meal balance supplement made in Japan parenting support vitamin children health supplement dietary supplement.

Ingredients: reduced palatinose (manufactured in Germany), phosphorylated oligosaccharide calcium, acidulant, flavoring, sweetener (sucralose, acestel| Fam K) Coloring (red cabbage, annatto)

Expiration date Listed in the upper part of the frame

How to Save Please store away from direct sunlight, hot and humid places.
 Notes * Manufactured on shared equipment with products containing wheat and milk ingredients.

■ The expiration date is the deadline for the unopened state. after opening
Please enjoy as soon as possible.
■ Avoid choking on candy


● Candies may have air bubbles or burrs.
Please be careful when eating.
 ■The black grains on the surface of the candy are burnt sugar and
This is caused by the manufacturing method, such as clumps of coloring agents.
Please enjoy with confidence.
●Do not eat while walking. unexpected thing
It will be the cause of the accident.
● Small children do not eat alone, suitable for 3 years old +
Please be careful.
●We make every effort to ensure the product is in perfect condition.

Masiti 儿童护齿无糖棒棒糖 10支装

这款masltl儿童护齿糖这款糖不含糖不含防腐剂,还能有效防止龋齿,还能抑制细菌,再也不担心宝贝会有蛀牙的问题啦!它含有Pos-ca 可以有效防止龋齿,舔一舔还能保持口腔健康,天然配方, 星星造型,有草莓和橙子味道, 用天然植物红包心菜等着色, 比较安全放心。 

主要原料是北海道土豆的钙食品材料, 能产生类似于牙釉质的物质, 不会产生导致蛀牙的酸的成分, 即使有蛀牙也会抑制蛀牙的恶化。 孩子吃的开心, 又能保护牙齿。 独立包装,携带方便。 



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