P&G Ariel Sarasa Laundry Detergent Gel for Sensitive Skin 850g

Ultra Concentrated & Powerful Gel Type Detergent, Not plain laundry liquid 

Developed with pure, natural and safe stain removing ingredients that effectively remove milk, food, juice ,urine and fecal stains from babywear. It is powerful gel type detergent, not plain laundry liquid.

  • PH-balanced formula that is gentle to baby's delicate skin
  • Smart bottle indicator showing liquid level;
  • Smart bottle lid with dosage marking; 
  • Suitable for both front loader and top loader.
  • No soaps, no bleaching agents, no whitening agent
  • Free of fragrances and dyes

How to tell if it is generic liquid detergent or premium gel type detergent?

Normally gel type detergent container is marked with the total gel weight, not with volume. For example, this item is marked 850gram, not 850ml. 

*The real packaging may be different from the image.





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Brand P&G