P&G Lenor Happiness Deodorant Soft Laundry Beads 420ml



The deodorising beads for clothing using the deodorizing technology "odor decomposition ions" are changed into odor molecules of another chemical structure to achieve deodorization and deodorization from the root. The effect lasts for about 7 days. Even if you wear the same clothes repeatedly, you will not feel an unpleasant smell, and you can spend every day refreshingly.
※Prevent mold growth in the washing tub

※Put it in when washing clothes
※The aroma and deodorizing effect can be adjusted according to the dosage
※Can be used in all washing machines
※The scale on the lid can measure beads
※Put directly into the washing tank
※Do not put beads in the detergent or softener inlet of the washing machine
※Please put detergent and softener and wash as usual
※You can adjust the deodorizing effect by adjusting the input amount.
※You can also use it for laundry in "1 wash" mode.

▶Keep it out of the reach of children.
▶Do not use external application procedures.
▶Keep away from high temperature and direct sunlight.
▶If there is residue, please rinse with water.
▶In rare cases, if stains occur, please rinse with a neutral detergent.

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