POLA B.A BA Milk 80ml Moisturizer Milk lotion Emlusion


Product information

Domestic genuine POLA 6th generation latest release B.A milk body 80 ml from Japan. The rich, rich milk melts softly on the skin and penetrates into the stratum corneum.The blended oil gives a soft, firm, elastic and glossy feel.

Focusing on the ion balance of the stratum corneum, we have adopted an "epi volume prescription" that aims for a firm skin with a sense of life. By infiltrating the oil in the milk, the intercellular lipid (oil layer) is adjusted and gives a soft firmness.

From a fresh scent to a soft and rich scent. With an arrangement of scents that change and overlap with each item, you can spend your time caring for yourself.

Single dose: Morning / Night: 2 pushes

After conditioning the skin with lotion, take an appropriate amount (2 pushes) and gently apply it to the entire face.


* If you are using a beauty essence, please use it after the beauty essence.


In particular, if you are concerned about lack of firmness or dryness, apply an appropriate amount (2 pushes) to the entire face when cleaning at night, and then apply an appropriate amount (1) to the areas of concern (eyes, mouth, etc.). Please use the push) gently and carefully.

Usage period: Approximately 100 days



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