POLA B.A Light Selector Day Cream & Sunscreen SPF 50+ PA ++++ (For Face, 45g)


Protects the skin from ultraviolet and infrared rays, transmits "red light" that is good for the skin, and helps to kepp skin firm and elastic It smoothly spreads over the skin, and infuses into every pore. A gentle, groundbreaking & high protection sun cream for the face & décolleté Combines the day cream sunscreen & isolation in one product Protects skin against UV & near-infrared rays while allowing skin-friendly "red light" to penetrate Leaves skin firm, elastic, moisturized & nourished.

How to use: 1. After preparing the skin with skin care products, take an appropriate amount (about one large pearl). 2. From five points on the face, extend outward from the center of the face. 3. Lastly, spread over the face evenly until it gets absorbed by the skin.

Size: 45g Made in Japan

Allergy tested



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Brand Pola