POLA B.A Wash Foam Cleaning100g Deep Facial Cleanser 



A rich-textured wash, which luxuriously envelops your skin in a generous lather of bubbles. An exceptional treatment wash leaves the skin feeling clear,beautifully hydrated and touchably soft. Remarkably rich foam keeps the skin moisturized whilst the high-density lather creates a rich mask of foam that removes impurities.

  • A luxuriant lather of rich bubbles covers your skin like a mask, drawing out dirt and impurities.
  • Thoroughly cleanses your skin, and leaves it feeling hydrated and soft.
  • It contains POLA’s original moisturizing ingredient of the highly-concentrated lotus flower extract EG Clear Extract*1, as well as Marjoram Extract*2, and Sophora Root Extract Clear*3.
  • With Micro-fiber Foam Formulathat creates rich,thick and powerful cleansing foam.
  • Moist Catch Polymers and Moist Keep Polymers protect skin moisture during washing,preventing loss of hydration.
  • Use as first step in the morning & Use after cleansing cream in the evening.
  • 100g


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Brand Pola