POLA Sparkling Bouquet Body Shampoo 500ml


A sweet and luscious scented body wash, refresh your mind and body with the sophisticated scent of a bouquet of flowers. The rich lather of bubbles gently envelops and cleanses your skin.

Contains honeysuckle extract, a moisturizing ingredient. Gently cleans while wrapping the skin with rich lather. It is a moist and supple wash.
Based on Ottomanthus (Japanese name: Kinmokusei) and Jasmine. A fragrance-style scent that keeps the scent comfortable from bath time to after bathing.

Enjoy the long-lasting and refreshing scent of freshly-picked flowers, from your bath time to after it.

Gorgeous fresh floral scent, this Product leaves the body feeling satin-smooth to the touch. Permeable Collagen and Honeysuckle Extract are formulated as skin conditioning agent.


Dispense 1-2 pumps to the moistened sponge or towel with warm water and whip it until foamy. Rinse off thoroughly after use.

Country Of Origins: Japan


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Brand Pola