Pu-erh Tea bags - 15 Bags

Puer tea is a type of fermented tea that originated in the Yunnan province of China. It is named after the city of Pu'er, which was a major trading hub for tea during the Tang dynasty. Puer tea is unique in that it undergoes a post-fermentation process that gives it a distinct earthy flavor and aroma. This tea is highly valued in China and is often considered a luxury item due to its complex flavor profile and health benefits. Puer tea is believed to aid in digestion, reduce cholesterol, and promote weight loss. It is also prized for its ability to age well, with some vintage puer teas selling for tens of thousands of dollars. Puer tea is an important part of Chinese tea culture and is enjoyed both domestically and abroad.


Refresh Me Pu-erh Tea bags

This herbal tea contains poria and adlay that help to reduce the water retention. It is a warming blend designed to shield you from swelling. Drinking this herbal Pu-erh brew can help prevent illnesses and invigorate healthy condition.



Detox Me Pu-erh Tea bags

This refreshing infusion has chrysanthemum, mulberry and wolfberry that have fantastic effect on liver and eyesight. At the same time, Pu-erh tea could serve as a cleanse to restore your body's essential functions.



Skinny Me Pu-erh Tea bags

The Pu-erh tea blended with lotus leaf and cassia seed helps to relieve water edema and symptoms of constipation. Those organic ingredients could enhance the body’s natural detoxifying abilities and promote a healthy weight.

Pu-erh Tea bags



Energy Booster Pu-erh Tea bags

Combining with the polygonatum, cordyceps militaris and other valuable Chinese herbs, this health blend with targeted organic ingredients that benefit the male body.  Also, thanks to the ginseng in Pu-erh tea, drinking a cup a day can help to boost your energy levels and focus.



Beautiful Me Pu-erh Tea bags

An aromatic Pu-erh tea blended with Ginseng, Rose and Osmanthus wonderfully makes you feel beautiful inside and out. This refreshing floral infusion is rich in antioxidants and meant to fuel your body and support overall well-being.



How to brew

For Tea Bag:

Take out a tea bag, put it in a cup, add boiling water to
brew, drink it while it is hot after 3 to 10 minutes, and brew it repeatedly until the colour and smell disappear.

For Tea Cream:

Put the tea cream into the cup, pour 300ml-400ml of boiling water to brew, stir properly, after about 10 minutes, the good tea is ready to drink

For Traditional Pu'er:

Water ratio: 1:10

Water temperature: 100°C

Brewing tea: brew tea leaves in boiling water for 3 seconds and pour out.

Formal brewing: first brew for 10 seconds; the second and third brew for 5 seconds; add 5 seconds for each brew starting from the fourth.


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