Raku Hapi Mould Prevention Cleaning Mitten for Homes 5 sheets


Mitten type mold proof sheet. Just wipe it to prevent the molds around the house.

Simply wipe the mold coat easily around the residence. It is a wet sheet of 3-finger mittens which is easy to wipe even a fine place.

Product Details

Product Name Raku Hapi Mold Prevention Cleaning Mitten for Homes
Amount 5 sheets
Country of Origin Japan
component Ethanol, cetylpyridinium chloride, isopropylmethylphenol, propynyl iodide butylcarbamate, coating agent


The secret of effectiveness is W sterilization system

  • Penetration eradication to the back of invisible dirt.
  • Antifungal coat thoroughly eradicates the effect and long-lasting effect to the depths of flaws.

※ It does not mean that all bacteria are disinfected.

Three finger type mittens that are easy to wipe even in fine places

  • Contains triple antifungal ingredients.
  • The active ingredient is a gentle ingredient that is also used in cosmetics.
  • Easy-to-use single-use type.

Mechanism of W sterilization system 
[Permeation sterilization]

Since the antifungal ingredient penetrates, the mold hidden in the back of the invisible dirt is disinfected firmly!

[Anti-mold coat to the back of scratches]

  • The surface of the place where mold is easy to occur is full of fine scratches. The mold is in the back of the scratch.
  • By wiping with mildew mittens, the ingredients reach well to the depths of scratches, and thorough sterilization!
  • Even if it takes water, the antifungal ingredient is hard to be washed away, so the effect lasts longer!

[Anti-mold coat here and there in the house that can not usually be taken measures]

While wiping off dust, dirt, black mold stains, you can prevent mildew.

(Ganko mold stains that get in tile joints, packing, caulking, etc. do not fall off.)

< About once a month >

Washbasin faucet and drainage port, kitchen faucet and sponge table, toilet hand wash section

< About once every two months ※ >

Bathroom, changing room door, inside refrigerator, window sash, closet, closet

※ It varies according to use place and environment.

How to Use

< how to use >

  • Put your hands in the mittens and wipe directly off the moldy or prone areas. 
    (Because the solution gets hand-held, please wear thin cooking gloves if you are concerned.
  • You can use both sides.
  • One piece can be about 3 m2 of mold.

< I can not use it >

Things that can not be wiped out (water-soaked white wood, furniture, wall materials, etc.), wooden products such as rattan and cypress, copper and brass products, leather products, LCD screens and plasma display screens。





产品名 Rakuhapi家用防霉魔法手套
容量 5张
产地 日本
部件 乙醇、氯化十六烷基吡啶鎓、异丙基甲基苯酚、碘化丙炔基氨基甲酸丁酯、涂层剂



  • 渗透根除隐形污垢。
  • 抗真菌涂层彻底消除了对瑕疵深度的影响和持久效果。



  • 含有三重抗真菌成分。
  • 有效成分是一种也用于化妆品的温和成分。
  • 易于使用的一次性使用类型。




  • 容易发生霉菌的地方的表面充满了细小的划痕。模具位于划痕的后面。
  • 通过使用防霉手套擦拭,成分可以很好地达到划痕的深度,并彻底消毒!
  • 即使需要水,抗真菌成分也难以洗掉,因此效果持续时间更长!






<大约每两个月一次※ >



使用方法​ ​


  • 将双手放在连指手套中,直接从发霉或易发区域擦拭。
  • 你可以使用双方。
  • 一件可以是约3平方米的模具。






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