Rohto Melano CC Concentration Measures Facial Mask with Vitamin C - 28 Sheets

ROHTO Melano CC Vitamin Mask 乐敦集中对策VC美白面膜 28枚入


Moisturises skin that has been inadvertently exposed to UV rays.

Rohto Melano CC Concentration Measures Facial Mask is a face mask containing the moisturising ingredients Vitamin C and Vitamin E derivative.
It uses a plant-derived sheet that adheres to the skin, containing plenty of serum. The serum rapidly penetrates to the stratum corneum.
In addition to vitamin C and vitamin E derivatives, it also contains grapefruit fruit extract and lemon fruit extract, which are moisturising ingredients.
Moisturises even skin exposed to ultraviolet rays.
Large 28-pack for easy daily care. Refreshing citrus fragrance.
Use after toning the skin with lotion, etc. Serums, milky lotions and creams can be used after the mask.


ROHTO Melano CC Brightening Mask

A sheet mask loaded with essence and contains 4 kinds of moisturizing ingredients. This 100% cotton sheet mask adheres closely to the skin, allowing the ingredients to penetrate directly deep into the skin for soft and supple skin. Has a fresh citrus fragrance.

How to Use

Apply to cleansed skin after toner/lotion. Adjust to the eyes and lips, then smooth the sheet to fit tightly over the entire face. Remove after 5 minutes and gently pat excess serum into skin.

*Made in Japan

乐敦 Melano CC 特浓纯维C 美白淡斑精华面膜

  • 维他命C及E诱导体,配合天然葡萄柚及柠檬萃取4种保湿美白精华,为肌肤深度美白及滋润
  • 集中修护晒后的暗哑干燥肌肤,回复水润透白
  • 升级萃取植物纤维面膜,极佳吸附力,能容纳更多精华液同时完美紧贴脸部,令精华极速渗透至角质层深处,深层滋润肌底,缺水细胞即时满满载水感。密着感、保湿感UP!
  • 升级增量装28片,可每天使用。散发淡淡柑橘香味





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