Showa Fluffy Touch gloves M size Pink-orange Made in Japan

Showa housework gloves/dishwashing gloves made in Japan~purchase Pink M

♥ The fluff material "Pingyaoyaoyaoyaoyaoyao" is a regenerated fiber made of short cotton fleece, moisture absorption, breathable and has good skin-friend

♥ 35cm extended design, water is less likely to enter the gloves when doing housework

♥ Fingertip anti-slip lines, don't worry about turning creamy hands after wearing gloves

♥ Middle finger length: Extended inner velvet S size: 7.3cm, palm circumference: 19cm, thickness: 0.4mm Extended inner velvet size M: 7.7cm, palm circumference: 20cm Medium-thick hands/green~M size: 7.7cm, palm circumference: 20cm Thick hand/pink~M size: 7.7cm, palm circumference: 20cm Fingertip strengthening/pink~M size: 7.8cm, palm circumference: 20cm Plain skin feel/gem powder~M size: 7.8cm, palm circumference: 20cm Inner fluff/pearl powder~M size: 7.7cm, palm circumference: 20cm Pearl magenta~XS size: 7.1cm, palm circumference: 18cm Extended type~M size/pearl orange: middle finger length: 7.7cm, palm circumference: 20cm

♥ Material: Resin part: PVC, fluff part: rayon

♥ Contents: 1 in ♥ Shelf life: five years

♥ Due to the often changes in the outer packaging of Japanese products, if there is this situation, please refer to the actual product



SKU 4901792038089_B
Brand Showa
Shipping Width 0.010m
Shipping Height 0.003m
Shipping Length 0.015m