KOBAYASHI Pharmaceutical Electric Thermos Pot Cleaning Tablets (3 Tablets)

Product features:

  • The power of ions removes pot-specific stains that cannot be removed by washing with water or detergent.
  • With strong foaming power, the inside of the pot is cleaned as a whole.



Items that can be used: Stainless steel, glass, electric kettle made of fluorine processing, heat insulation pot

Items that cannot be used: Iron, copper, aluminum, brass pot, electric kettle, humidifier, water bottle



Sulfamic acid (73%), foaming agent (carbonate), excipients, chelating agents, surfactants (dialkyl dimethyl ammonium salt)


Liquid property: 



Net amount: 

75g (25g x 3 tablets)


Kobayashi小林制药 热水瓶热水壶清洁除垢剂 3片装


SKU 4987072141007
Brand Kobayashi
Type Kitchen