Kao Pipe Bleach Gel 500g  

It is a cleaning agent for drainage pipes that sticks tightly and melts slime and hair, and fundamentally solves pipe odor.
99.99% Strong sterilization
*Removal rate on stainless steel surface Not all bacteria are removed.
"Horizontal nozzle" that is easy to put on the inside of the drainage port. Compact size that is convenient for storing
"constricted bottle" that fits in your hand and is easy to push.

It can also be used to eliminate the blockage.

Can be used all over the house from the bathroom, bathroom to kitchen.

Compact size convenient for storage
* Removal rate on stainless steel surface. Not all bacteria are eradicated.

How to Use

1. Remove dust and hair from the eye dish.
2. Apply the liquid directly from the bottle to the drain pipe.
3. Leave for 15 to 30 minutes without rubbing. (Do not leave it for a long time.)
4. After use, rinse with plenty of water.


● Deodorization of odor, prevention of clogs, sterilization: 5 to 6 pushes
● Removal of slime: 10 to 15 pushes
● Removal of clogs : about 2/3 to full bottle


● Be careful that metallic products such as aluminum, copper, enamel, and brass, as well as clothing, rugs, and wooden products, may discolor or bleach.
● Do not use as a disposer or drain plug in a bathtub.

● Do not measure with a cap.
● Do not use brushes, etc. as splashes may fly.

Do not use if you feel unwell.
● Do not use for any other purpose.
● Be careful where you put it to prevent accidental ingestion by people with dementia.
● Be careful not to let the liquid get on your eyes, skin, or clothing.
● Wear cooking gloves and eye protection to protect your eyes.
● Be sure to use it alone. Do not mix with acidic type products and chlorine-based drainage slime remover, food waste, vinegar, and alcohol. Hazardous gas generation.
● Do not wash with hot water.
● Make sure to ventilate the room by turning the ventilation fan.
● Never use while bathing. (Wipe with plenty of water before bathing.)
● Be careful as holding the container strongly and opening the cap may cause the liquid to splash.
● Don't use because it doesn't have the effect of clogging the toilet.
●Do not use animal brushes or brushes.
● Do not transfer to another container for use.
● Avoid direct sunlight and do not put it in a high temperature place. Do not place it high.
● After use, keep the cap tightly closed and store it upright.

*this is a Japanese product and label on the item is only written in Japanese
*above is a machine translation and may include obscure expression

Kao 花王管道疏通剂浓缩啫喱型溶解头发除菌不伤管道 地漏下水道疏通剂 500克


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