Lion Smile 40 EX Mild Vitamin Eye Drops - 15ml

Lion 狮王Smile 40 Ex 眼药水

Product Details
Helping relieve eye fatigue and blurred vision, these eye drops are mild when applied
Triple vitamin prescription
In addition to "Vitamin A" (40EX Mild a: 30,000 units) that helps the normal functioning of corneal cells, "Vitamin E" and "Vitamin B 6 " are included. Improves eyestrain, etc.
Amino acids "L-potassium aspartate" nourish the eyes directly.
Smile 40EX Mild a: Mild feeling
Contains no preservatives (such as benzalkonium chloride). Smile's original technology gives it an antiseptic effect. The expiration date and storage method can be used in the same way as eye drops containing preservatives.



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Brand Lion